Exhibit at Trade Shows – Promote Your Business Locally and Globally

What is a Trade Show?
A trade show is an event or activity which is organized around a specific category so that relevant companies can promote their services & products, scrutinize current industry trends and observe the behavior of their direct competitors.

Trade Shows Cover a Specific Category:
Trade events are organized around a narrowly defined category to attract the most relevant buyers from industry. For example, home crafts, men’s clothing, gift items, kitchen and bath remodeling, etc. Sticking to a specific category enables manufacturers and suppliers to exhibit an impressive breadth and a great depth of pertinent products.

Trade Shows are Always Beneficial:
Whether you are a manufacturer or a supplier, you can unquestionably get a huge exposure in trade events since dealers and wholesale distributors from all different parts of the world attend trade show to observe, evaluate and buy new and innovative products and meet their future trade partners. Trade events provide you with an enormous opportunity to meet new buyers, strengthen your relationship with existing clientele, create brand awareness and showcase your products to the most targeted audience you just won’t find anywhere else in one place.

“Trade Only” and “Public” Trade Shows:
One thing you must be aware of is that not all the trade shows are open to the general public. Such shows can only be attended by companies/businesses and the members of the press. Consequently, trade show are categorized as Trade Only or Public. However, regardless of the audience coming to the show, this is your ultimate opportunity to present yourself to buyers who are actually there to buy.

Promote at Trade Shows First and Sell Later:
You may not be allowed to sell your merchandise during the event. Trade shows, usually, only allow you to showcase your products and receive order from buyers. You may then transport the products to your buyers later. Very rarely you may be allowed to sell your products during the last few hours of a show.

Participation Requires Investment:
Participating in a trade show requires investment. Some of the things that you have to pay for involve: the space you rent, travel, accommodations, marketing literature, giveaway items, display boards, etc. But it’s definitely well worth the investment in the end.

Get a List of Upcoming Trade Shows:
So, how can you find out about an upcoming trade show? You can get awareness regarding future trade shows via professional membership organizations and trade publications. Simply get your hands on a few trade publications and you will notice that a lot of them have a list of shows for the entire year in the January issues.

Trade Shows Help You Go Global:
If you want to give your business a powerful push, trade shows are what you need. Serious buyers come to trade shows from great distances to find and meet new and reliable sellers. Attend these shows, attract interested buyers, build your credibility and grow your business globally.

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