Most Popular Cooking TV Show – Iron Chef America

Iron Chef America is a most popular cooking TV show.This serial is a one hour show, here in every new serial there is a challenger Chef one who competes with the resident “Iron Chef” and the chef has to prepare the dish based on the theme ingredients. One primary ingredient, which is determined at the beginning of the battle, has to be included in five dishes. This surely is a competition in cooking and not a wrestling match.

The reviews or comments given for the show vary from very interesting to not a good show. Some say it lacks the ironic humor of the original Japanese show. In the Japanese show the cooks were having fun with the idea of competition and played it straight, the result of the show was that it was very delightful to watch. While they feel the American Chef are playing only for keeps and it looks pathetic. Some say they really like this show as it is similar enough to the Japanese version but at the same time caters to American Spirit.

There are different opinions for the show. Well the concept is borrowed from the Japanese show; the chairman of this show is Mark Dacascos who is the nephew of the original Japanese show chairman Takeshi Kaga. The commentator of this show is Alton Brown, and Kevin Brauch is a floor reporter. Each week, world-class chefs battle the legendary it: Bobby Flay, Mario Batali, Masaharu Morimoto, Cat Cora and Michael Symon.

The interesting thing about this show is that one gets to learn the background of the main ingredient, unique vegetable and seasonings. Isn’t that interesting? A reality show though some parts could be scripted but the show holds your interest for the whole one hour as a lover of the show or be a critic of the show. It’s such a refreshing show also very entertaining and it has no violence or any usage of any bad language unlike the other live scripted competition shows. People can watch it along with children. For food lovers and those are not found of food can really enjoy the show. Watching the chefs hustle and the challengers are surprising.

So all for fun and enjoyment as long as you don’t expect the original Japanese version and accepting this show on its own merits you will find it most enjoyable for that one hour. Bon apetit!

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